Non-linear Pricing and Trading made simple

RVassets is a Fintech business. The ONLY Options Algo Trading specialist.

Electronic Exchange Options business is growing +31% YOY

We are behind 40%+ of the eBroking activity on the World's biggest Option market

Best-Ex on Options can ONLY be achieved with Electronic Algos. Is your voice broker still using a phone?

2015 CME Options Growth: Electronic = 31%; Non-electronic = ZERO

2015 CME Options Electronic market share now 52%

"this is something that I have never seen in my 36-year history to see the options growth outpace the futures growth”

Terry Duffy - CEO CME Group - Feb 2016


Total Transparency = Fairness

Democratize and Digitalize Option Trading

Empower Options Buyer with compliant execution policies

RVassets and is a group of coders, technologists and market professionals dedicated to bringing disruptive change to global options markets. We believe legacy brokering techniques of handling client orders is misaligned with the speed and complexity of today's market microstructure.

We have solved the "execution problem" for electronic options business. We invite you to compare us to your "Voice Broker". We won't take you for dinner, but, we will improve your alpha!